Research and Experience

I can provide a range of expertise and services from research and analysis to project planning and management derived from 15 years of experience working in the areas of fisheries, marine conservation, and coastal management.


Some current and past research projects include:

  • Fishermen’s responses and adaptations to COVID-19 pandemic in Northeast U.S.
  • Fishermen’s adaptive responses to climate-driven shifts in fish abundance and distribution in the Northeast U.S.
  • Developing and testing of Fishery Socioeconomic Evaluation Tool
  • Monitoring and evaluation of fisheries management outcomes across several geographies
  • A framework for allocating fishing rights in small-scale fisheries
  • Case studies of fisheries management policies and institutions adapting to climate change
  • Fishermen’s perceptions of fishery closed areas in New England
  • Evaluating spatial management in quota-managed fisheries around the globe
  • Stakeholder engagement in marine reserve co-management in the Caribbean
  • Social network analysis to characterize stakeholder involvement in co-management
  • Classification of fishing communities in the Northeastern U.S.


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